Sound Customization

I hardly customized my OS's sound scheme, unless i found good sound for it. But somehow, i was curious to change it. This was my first attempt of replacing it from the original sound scheme. Oh, am using BlankOn4.0 code name Meuligoe. Meuligoe is derivative of Ubuntu-8.10. The sound scheme manager is very different from my previous installation (i guess it was BlankOn Konde, which was based on ubuntu-7.10). I was confused, how am i supposed to change the sound of my log-in and log-out while i could not find any button to change it?

well, it takes a second for me to finds out how to change the sound scheme on Ubuntu-8.10. And it was as easy as snapping your finger :D.

There you go, the snapshot of the sound preferences on my Meuligoe, that confusing me at the first time. To change or add a sound scheme, all you need to do is click on the name of the activity you'd like to change. make another click on the name of the sound, like this one:

and viola! You'll have your sound change. All you need to prepare is a .wav sound to use, or .ogg type. Close the window and enjoy the new sound scheme of your own :).


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