Senayan's latest release

Senayan, has made latest release of its development. It has reached stable7. Many progresses have been made. Bugs have been fixed. Here are some bug fixes:

- Added new holiday date range in Holiday Setting
- Added new CLEAR LOGS for clearing full/bloated System Log
- Added new Inventory Code field in item data form
- Added new Currency field in item data form
- Improved document label and barcode printing
- Bug fixed on Javascript AJAX Drop down menu
- Feature of for saving logs
- Bug fixed in searching item for checked-out item list.
- Bug fixed in importing bibliographic data
- Bug fixed in printing call number label
- Added new filter in reporting
- Added new reservation list (circulation)

New documentation of converting ISIS database into Senayan has also been made, which can be downladed here, and converting Athenaeum database to Senayan, can also be found here.

Enjoy Senayan ;).


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