installing vista fonts the title has said, you can install vista fonts within your ubuntu. i accidentally came across with this site,, who tells about how to installing it. you can try it for yourself.

what i want to share is...the writers respect over, what-we-called, proprietary work of somebody or some organizations like microsoft have done, in terms of saying no to piracy. the note goes like this:

"Looks like the use of these fonts are restricted to only Microsoft Windows/Vista operating systems according to the terms of the license. I am sorry, but you’ll be installing them at your own risk."

the last, but not the least:

"In retrospect, this was a bad post - I think we’re better off not using stuff folks don’t want us to use - let’s use the better, freer, easier to install fonts." my friend always told me, "open source is about respecting others people creation,
sharing knowledge and trying not to use piracy program." God bless you, to all hoomans (humans in plurk :D) who use Linux and Open Source Software :). May we all can be a better citizen of the world, and especially can become a better Indonesian.


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