centos5.0 on e500

have you read my 2 previous posting? yes, about installing centos5 into our office's compaq armada e500. finally the installation was over. nothing is complicated or at least the installation has ran without a flaw. until i forget the root password :D. which was typed in capital, and then i forgot about it :P.

Not as scary as i predicted, that red-hat-based distro, cmiiw, would have such a pain-in-the-head installation procedures. then again, the installation's quite fun. everything was cross-check to us, whether we want to do this, to do that. to me, that is important. so we understand more about our system.

so what this is all about? it's all about...nothing. i just want to tell you about how wonderful life is, when you try to boot into another distro, not just one. letting us to experience more the world of linux distros. learning many ways of installing a distros. it's just fun. i give you the screenshoot of some process i've done, with the e500 and centos. LONG LIVE LINUX ;).


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