more blog?

yes...i have made 1 more blog, beside the other 2 blogs. so...there are total of 4 blogs that i have. their status, 3 of them (2 blogspot, 1 multiply) are active (though not too active) and the rest...hibernate, sleeping and need to be awaken :D.

let me tell you about my latest blog. actually it's not too important. it's a photo blog. i already have a photo blog (the one with multiply), yet i still create another one. i made it using the service given by my black beauty. at first, i thought the service would uploaded pictures taking by it to my recent blog. but, it not. instead, they give me a new one. i like the service since i can upload pictures directly from my black beauty to the new blog, without having the hustle of transferring it into my computer. but then of cource, i need to have a good gprs signal, cmiiw.

so...if you don't get the story in this blog, you can go to the next-door blog. hopefully i can keep uploading pictures, i try to make a candid pictures by it. candid is fun, but riskfull :D. c ya, then!


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