yes...centericq! dah lama banget perasaan pengen nulis tentang software ini, but...there's no too late, at least for this one :D. buat "gagah2an" sama temen2 kalo linux is fun, centericq cocok banget. fun dengan kata lain, biar dibilang orang "geek" :D, padahal mah cupu (culun punya-red).

tau software ini pertama kali dari kang oki yang lagi nyoba depdiknux. dan sewaktu cari di repository, ternyata ada.

this would be the interface of options on how to connect, changing status, etc. it's a complete instant messenger like the gui version messenger such as gaim, pidgin, etc. it supports multiple accounts like yahoo! messenger, icq2000, msn, even irc. awesome isn't it, simple yet robust software like this is available for us to enjoy. depdiknux alone is a server dedicated os that only providing the console to work to monitor the system.

those who usually using the messenger such as gaim, would have a little difficulty especially when sending the message. instead of using "enter" button to send the message, centericq using the key ctrl+shift+x to send the message.

this the interface of online status and, i dunno, probably the log is automatically set to record the conversation that have taken place before. the [o] means that our buddy is online, while [a] marked as away.

want more? make a visit to the centericq web page provided by the link above. the more i use, the more i see that linux is superbly fun. hmmm...not just fun, makes us creative also :P. enjoy.


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